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We began in 2018 as a homeschool partnership with fun, hands-on, transcriptable courses, social experiences, electives, and clubs. We can teach it all or just the classes you prefer not to teach!

We have expert teachers who are passionate about helping students learn in the way they were meant to learn. We use a variety of curricula and games to meet all of our students' needs and learning styles. We aim for small class sizes for lots of personalized instruction for each student.






We look for how they are gifted and build up their confidence by sharing a plethora of learning and social opportunities. They get lots of fresh air and movement in our gym, outside sport areas, playground, and arcade.


Students who suffer from ADHD and anxiety do very well here. Creative students who learn differently thrive in our environment. We teach students that they are loved and have God-given purposes as we promote them to leadership and mentorship positions. Their ideas are valued.


We have monthly free dances for families to meet others or so parents can drop off and get a much-deserved date night on us. We also have a parent lounge so parents can work on-site remotely, browse resources and curricula, or socialize with other parents. We do parent conferences as needed so you always know how your child is doing.

Our flexible schedules and pricing makes STREAM possible for all on our beautiful new-to-us campus in Warrenville! We also celebrate like none other for all the holidays and know how to throw a party! Welcome! Once you are STREAM family, you are always STREAM family! 

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